Oil Control & Acne-Clarifying facials

Oil Control & Acne-Clarifying facials


Oil Control and Acne-Clarifying facials are recommended for:

Acne skin, Blackheads, Oily skin, Large pores, Sensitive Skin, and Rosacea.


  • Breakouts have finally met their match. This treatment is the ultimate in acne management because it targets current blemishes while helping to prevent future breakout activity. Our enzyme peel will focus on purifying your skin with deep-cleansing followed by extractions. ( This treatment uses micro-current.) $85.00

Medi-Bac Facial

  • Jump-start acne clearing with this purifying, detoxifying professional treatment that promotes breakout clearing well beyond the treatment.

Enzyme Peel:
Medi-Bac Facial:
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